You have tried to accept your loved one’s belief that it is possible to quit without help, but matters are getting worse. Family and friends have tried to help, but nothing has worked. The addiction feels like a tornado repeatedly touching down, threatening to destroy everyone and everything dear to you.

There is an axiom that says an addict must reach “bottom” before seeking help. The bottom is a crisis point when the problems have become so overwhelming and damaging the addict is ready to say, “I’ve had enough. I need help.” Loved ones who provide money, excuses, or other “help” actually delay the ultimate crisis, and the damage created by the addiction does not stop. An intervention creates an immediate crisis point by ending the addict’s games, lies, and self-delusion. The intervention stops the accumulating damage to their health, finances, and relationships.

People with a chemical dependency often see alcohol or drugs as the solution to their problems. Family and friends see substance abuse as the problem. Neither is correct. A trained interventionist is needed to help change everyone’s thinking. Addiction can ultimately have a positive outcome. By going through treatment, addicts are forced to examine themselves and their lives in ways many of us never do. They can emerge stronger and much more self-aware.

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